We think we are the best - here's why!

1. Quality Caregivers

We start by finding qualified, trustworthy, compassionate caregivers. We excel in finding the right person to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Every care client is assigned a care manager who oversees the selection process and screening of the caregiver assigned to the client. Our selective screening process is thorough, extensive and exceeds industry standards.


The case manager will provide an expert evaluation of practical skills, literacy, and personality of the caregiver.


We check references. We will perform a comprehensive assessment of at least four references including phone interviews.


We attract the best caregivers with highly competitive wages, yet we keep our administrative overhead to a minimum.


2. Close Supervision of our Caregivers

We conduct regular telephone check ups with our caregivers. Our care supervisors also perform unannounced client home visits to ensure continuing client satisfaction.


All caregivers are required to log daily activities and observations. These logs are reviewed by our the care manager.


We perform initial and ongoing record checks on all our staff.


3. No Long-term Service Commitments

It is our goal to make our clients and their families delighted with our service. Therefore we do not require long term commitments for our services. You may cancel your service at any time. We do not charge any cancellation fees.


4. We deliver better in-home care at a lower price.

In Home Caregivers is locally owned and operated. We are not a franchise or part of a national chain. We are part of the local community. This makes us flexible and attentive to each client's unique needs. It also means we are able to control our administrative costs. Since we control our costs we can afford to hire only the best caregivers, while keeping the cost low to the client.