Care Services

In Home Caregivers provides non-medical assisted-living services to clients who wish to live in their own homes and communities. These services are delivered by compassionate caregivers and are individually designed to meet the everyday living and companionship needs of a wide range of clients. Home care services include, but are not limited to: Personal Care, Homemaking Assistance, Meal Preparation, Transportation, Companionship and Primary Caregiver Relief Services.

In Home Caregivers does more than provide basic companionship and housekeeping services to the disabled. We deliver compassionate care that focuses on the emotional and physical well-being of the client. Because it is sometimes not easy for seniors or disabled people to accept being dependent on others, we go out of our way to insure that our clients have a warm relationship with their caregiver, built on trust and genuine caring.


Specialized Care

• Live-in
• Overnight
• Hourly
• Daily
• Week days
• Weekends
• Holidays
• Short-term

• Long-term

Primary Services    
• Assistance with mobility
• Personal care
• Meal preparation
• Errands
• Exercise routines
• Respite for family
• Joyful companionship
• Religious service attendance
• Bathing assistance
• Light housekeeping
• Transferring & lifting
• Beds & linen care
• Medication reminders
• Information and referral services
• Incontinence care
• Transportation

Primary Care

In-Home Personal Care Services

Our caregivers provide personal care services that provide friendship, socialization, and supervision. Personal Care Services include assistance with dressing, grooming needs, routine teeth and nail care, bathing, commode assistance and incontinence needs. Specialized feeding routines and individually-designed diets can also be accommodated.


Activity Support

Because remaining active and mobile is so important to health and independence, our caregivers can accompany the client on walks and other activities, as well as encourage the client to perform regular exercise as prescribed by the doctor.


Mobility Assistance

In cases where a client is seriously disabled, personal care services will include turning, transferring, exercising, and walking the client. Additionally, caregivers delivering personal care, can assist with eating and can monitor vital signs such as blood pressures, pulse and respiration.


Homemaking Assistance

Homemaking assistance includes routine housework such as general cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, laundry, ironing, changing beds, defrosting refrigerators and cleaning ovens and cabinets. The maintenance and care of pets and plants also fall under this category.


Meal Preparation

The planning, cooking and serving of meals is also a major component of homemaking assistance as many seniors are unable to cook a nourishing meal for themselves. Our caregivers can prepare a tasty and and nutritious meal, as well as ensure that dishes are clean and the kitchen left in spotless condition.


Incidental Transportation

Our caregivers are able to transport clients to and from social activities and appointments. Additionally, our caregivers are prepared to run errands and shop for clients.


Medication Reminders

Proper administration of medications is a critical function of many caregivers. Along with nutritious meal-preparation, our caregivers are mindful of the critical task of reminding their clients to carefully follow directions in the ingestion of their medications.


Miscellaneous Chore Services

Home Caregivers delivers other vital services to individuals who are disabled or recuperating, such as routine yard-work (lawn-cutting, weed removal, raking leaves, trimming shrubs, and tending to gardens), snow shoveling, the splitting and stacking of firewood, and odd jobs and minor home repairs such as fixing plumbing problems, installing hand rails, repairing steps, and painting.


Home Security

We can check the interior conditions of homes while residents are away and ensuring the exteriors reflect an "at-home" appearance. We can also custom install closed-circuit video surveillance systems.


Live-In Services and 24-Hour Care

Our caregivers are ready to help you on an hourly, daily or round-the-clock basis.


Respite Care or Relief for Family

Respite service refers to occasional visitations made to relieve the client's regular caregiver.


Dementia Care

In Home Caregivers are trained and prepared to work with patients who have Alzheimer's Disease, or other forms of dementia. Our caregivers are sensitive to the care and safety needs of an Alzheimer's or dementia patient. Our caregivers engage in memory stimulation through activities, puzzles and games.


End-of-Life Care

The quality of care provided at home is often better than the care provided in institutions and hospitals. Additionally, the client's quality of life is enhanced when dignity, privacy and freedom are factored into the treatment program. For this reason, In Home Caregivers aims to provide the very best in end-of-life care.