Answers About In Home Caregivers:

Q: "What distinguishes In Home Caregivers?"

A: In Home Care Givers gives priority number one to the quality of the caregiver assigned to you or your loved one's care. Our commitment to choosing quality caregivers begins with the hiring process which consists not only of thorough background screenings, but more importantly is followed by a lengthy and in-depth interview process. Candidates must not only meet all our extensive hiring-criteria, but they must possess energy, commitment, drive and compassion. We measure these qualities and pick the best on an individual-by-individual basis.


Q: "How do you select employees and what makes In Home Caregivers a better choice to other companies?"

A: In Home Caregivers takes the greatest possible care in hiring qualified, committed staff. The preparation that goes into making a great caregiver begins early on, long before they walk into our office. Our task is to find these outstanding individuals and motivate them to dedicate their careers to partnering with us to deliver care. At In Home Caregivers, we recognize that caregivers are people too and aspire to the same loving and supportive atmosphere as their clients.


Q: "What forms of payment does In Home Caregivers accept?

A: As a private duty home care agency, In Home Caregivers is not reimbursable under Medicare or Medicaid. In Home Caregivers is usually paid for privately by the client or, in some cases, by private insurances or other third party payers.


Q: "What services does In Home Caregivers offer?"

A: Our services include, but are not limited to: Personal Care Services, Homemaker Services, Companion Sitter Services, Respite Services, Chore Services, Friendly Reassurance.


Q: "Who purchases services from In Home Caregivers"

A: In Home Caregivers services people of all ages who require assistance to remain in their homes. These include the elderly, the disabled, those with chronic illnesses, those with terminal illness, and those recuperating from injury.


Q: "Why should I choose In Home Caregivers?"

A: As a company we operate with a mission: To treat and interact with our clients with respect, dignity and compassion. We understand that our caregivers are our chief asset and so we select them with the utmost care. As the sole interface with clients, our caregivers are trained, supported and managed on an ongoing basis.


Q: "Does In Home Care Givers provide practical, personalized care for individuals who need help maintaining a residence?"

A: Yes, there are also those who need our services for social outings, video monitoring, running errands and making minor household repairs.


Q: "Are your services offered to retirement communities, nursing homes or assisted living facilities?"

A: Yes. We provide in-home care wherever it is needed.